All hail the ‘Queens of Rock’! There are some fierce women in rock out there.  Too many to list. So each month Nice&Rough (dot) com will select and salute our TOP 5

Here’s this month’s list. They are the badd-ass vocalist – powerful, soulful, each with a signature sound that holds that perfect balance of ‘nice and rough’. . . . some of the hardest working women in the rock business!

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1. Joyce Kennedy, of Mother’s Finest. Before she utters the first 4 words of her famous, ‘Baby Love,’ you know exactly who it is. “There is no other….” Lead singer of the first multi-cultural funk-rock band, Joyce remains true to her calling in rock, and usually can be found on the road performing –  as strong and funky as ever.

2. Lisa KeKaula-Vennum of The Bellrays. Lisa’s soulful, intense,  heated performances are reminiscent of the early days of Tina (before she left Ike).  Her affirmation:“Blues is the teacher. Punk is the preacher” feeds her raw, truth-telling vocals. If you ever have a chance to see her live – don’t miss it!

3. Kimberly Nicole, a.k.a. The Rock Ballerina, known for her extensive tutu collection rocked The Voice, in 2015, represen’in’ #BlackWomenINRock. She debuted with her ‘blind audition’ singing Tina Turner’s ‘NutBush,’ and held her spot thru the show’s top 6.  Since, Kimberly has been featured in Vogue, and continues to tour and create new music.

4. Skin, a.k.a. Deborah Dyer of  Skunk Anansie, one of the hottest  rock bands of the ’90’s, in Britain and Europe, and still going strong. As both a lead singer and a solo artist, Skin’s voice can be also heard on numerous television and film soundtracks.

5. Tina Turner. Need I say more….

Tell us your TOP 5. We welcome your comments below.





One thought on “TOP 5

  1. 1. Joan Armatrading
    2. Tina Turner
    3. Sharon Jones
    4. Betty Davis
    5. Brittany Howard

    And here’s hoping there a conversation about sexuality in the film…given my number 1 choice. 🙂

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