5 Lbs. of ROCK Interview by Sheila Dianne Jackson Nice & Rough:  Black Women IN Rock is a global community.  Our previous featured artist, May 10, 2012 rocks Japan.  This week’s featured BWIR, Akayzia Parker, is from London. You know the deal: Five  simple questions.  Five interesting answers.  Enjoy….. SHEILA:  Are you a singer whoContinue reading “Akayzia”


Davina Robinson

5 Lbs. of ROCK Interview by Sheila Dianne Jackson About one year ago I received an email from a black woman in rock from Osaka Japan!  This was the first in what has unfolded into many emails I receive from women who defy geography to answer the call to perform rock.  Read and be enlightened…Continue reading “Davina Robinson”

Rock & Race, Part II

ROCK & RACE, Part II Laina Dawes Interview by Sheila Dianne Jackson Canadian music journalist and author, LAINA DAWES‘ new book entitled, What Are You Doing Here?: A Black Woman’s Life and Liberation in Heavy Metal, is slated to be released this summer. Laina shared a great deal with me about her upbringing and herContinue reading “Rock & Race, Part II”

Rock & Race, Part I

ROCK & RACE Laina Dawes Interview by Sheila Dianne Jackson   More than 2 years ago, I received a call from Canadian music journalist, LAINA DAWES, who was working on a book about black women in metal.  She was referred to me by my sister, metal artist Kudisan Kai, who told her about Nice &Continue reading “Rock & Race, Part I”

“Pariah” & “I Will Follow” Feature Black Women In Rock

by Sheila Dianne Jackson I attended several of the nominating committee screenings for the NAACP Image Awards.  And at each event, it would never fail that I would enter into conversation with someone who would ask what I do and about my current projects.  Naturally, the first thing out of my mouth was “Nice & Rough.”Continue reading ““Pariah” & “I Will Follow” Feature Black Women In Rock”