Kudisan Kai

5 Lbs. of ROCK Interview by Sheila Dianne Jackson As a new tradition on niceandrough.com, each week we will feature one of our member artists.  It’s down and dirty, simply 5 questions, with 5 answers that will take you a little deeper into the lives of some of the most fascinating women I have comeContinue reading “Kudisan Kai”



5 Lbs. of ROCK Interview by Sheila Dianne Jackson It’s that time again….Time for our featured artist of the week: a native of North Philly, GhettoSongbird.  Like, many black women in rock, her story inspires and makes you wanna dig deeper and explore the music that reflects her DNA.  So without further adieu, 5 questions!  FiveContinue reading “GhettoSongbird”

Carol “HoneyChild” Coleman

5 Lbs. of ROCK Interview by Sheila Dianne Jackson It’s been so much fun to keep up with black women in rock, and especially with Carol “Honeychild” Coleman!  I love the boldness and courage in her artistry.  The Kentucky-born vocalist and guitarist has been performing her own brand of rock for 21 years.  Her firstContinue reading “Carol “HoneyChild” Coleman”


5 Lbs. of ROCK Interview by Sheila Dianne Jackson Nice & Rough:  Black Women IN Rock is a global community.  Our previous featured artist, May 10, 2012 rocks Japan.  This week’s featured BWIR, Akayzia Parker, is from London. You know the deal: Five  simple questions.  Five interesting answers.  Enjoy….. SHEILA:  Are you a singer whoContinue reading “Akayzia”

Davina Robinson

5 Lbs. of ROCK Interview by Sheila Dianne Jackson About one year ago I received an email from a black woman in rock from Osaka Japan!  This was the first in what has unfolded into many emails I receive from women who defy geography to answer the call to perform rock.  Read and be enlightened…Continue reading “Davina Robinson”

Rock & Race, Part II

ROCK & RACE, Part II Laina Dawes Interview by Sheila Dianne Jackson Canadian music journalist and author, LAINA DAWES‘ new book entitled, What Are You Doing Here?: A Black Woman’s Life and Liberation in Heavy Metal, is slated to be released this summer. Laina shared a great deal with me about her upbringing and herContinue reading “Rock & Race, Part II”

Rock & Race, Part I

ROCK & RACE Laina Dawes Interview by Sheila Dianne Jackson   More than 2 years ago, I received a call from Canadian music journalist, LAINA DAWES, who was working on a book about black women in metal.  She was referred to me by my sister, metal artist Kudisan Kai, who told her about Nice &Continue reading “Rock & Race, Part I”

“Pariah” & “I Will Follow” Feature Black Women In Rock

by Sheila Dianne Jackson I attended several of the nominating committee screenings for the NAACP Image Awards.  And at each event, it would never fail that I would enter into conversation with someone who would ask what I do and about my current projects.  Naturally, the first thing out of my mouth was “Nice & Rough.”Continue reading ““Pariah” & “I Will Follow” Feature Black Women In Rock”