As a lover of history, I believed the opportunity to bring little known stories to light was the most exciting component of this film. But after more than 7 years of research and interviews, I realize this film is also about me.  I live life on my own unique terms, never discouraged by opposing trends, or societal standards. I have always been driven by mission, ‘my calling’,  a passion that I am not capable of giving up.

This amazing project exposes the unknown history of the daring, outrageous, sexy, soulful women who, despite what anyone thinks, are called to rock. It showcases black women who are complex, and unapologetically stand in their own truth, with self-defined standards of art and beauty.

Much like Black Women in Rock, I want to know that I AM ENOUGH.  These women freely express a truth and way of being that resonates in our universal desire to be free, and the quest to pursue our chosen path, and not be denied because of gender or race. 

The image of a black woman belting rock lyrics or thumping a bass guitar is unexpected and rare in the eyes of mainstream American media.  But when you’re done watching this film, I want that image to seem commonplace. 

A self-proclaimed ‘creative activist’, the 1970’s is the era that shaped me.  It also shaped the experience  of Black Women in Rock – influenced by the pride and boldness of ‘Black Power’ and the staunch, independence of the Women’s movement.  There is no predecessor to this film, which captures women whose experience has never been documented or reflected in the media. 

-Sheila Dianne Jackson

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