State of SATE

I love to get the inside scoop on new releases by Black Women I n Rock. This week State of SATE hit me up with a sneak peek, or rather listen, of her new single, “Dirty Little Lie.” It’s hard and funky, with a sensuous groove. YASSSS! So of course, I couldn’t let her get away without dropping’ 5LBS. Of Rock.’ Here i’tis!

SHEILA: How would you describe your brand of rock?


SATE:  Dirty Rock with a Raunchy Soul.


SHEILA: What is your new song, Dirty Little Lie, about and what makes it special to you?


SATE: Inspired by the influx of police brutality, MAGAssholes and race-related hate crimes in the world and the conversations I was having, that questioned why the pain and threats to the humanity of brown bodies are fetishized and rationalized.  Then, reframed as a fucked up power struggle gas lighting boundary disrespecting relationship. It’s also inspired by The Devil card in the tarot.  This song personally affects me as a woman of colour and allowed me to use the tarot as a guide, making this song special to me.

SHEILA: Who inspires your music? Do you have a muse?


SATE: The world and my life experiences are both my inspiration and muse.


SHEILA:  Do you have any rituals you observe before a performance?


SATE: I usually warm up my voice, drink some warm tea, do about 20 pushups and burn something to clear my energy and the space.



SHEILA: Wow! What’s your fav aspect of the underground rock music scene?


SATE: I don’t know that it’s a scene per se, but I love seeing/hearing women wail, growl, own their sexuality/their bodies and kick ass unapologetically.


Hear State of SATE, and other BWIR on our Spotify station “Nice & Rough: Black Women In Rock”


Feb 5 BERLIN New York, NY


Discover more about this artist, at and @stateofsate


Sheila Dianne Jackson is an award-winning author, biographer, producer  and CEO of Eve’s Lime Productions. She is Director of  the upcoming documentary, “Nice & Rough: Black Women IN Rock.”

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