5 Lbs. of ROCK

Interview by Sheila Dianne Jackson


Nice & Rough:  Black Women IN Rock is a global community.  Our previous featured artist, May 10, 2012 rocks Japan.  This week’s featured BWIR, Akayzia Parker, is from London.

You know the deal: Five  simple questions.  Five interesting answers.  Enjoy…..

SHEILA:  Are you a singer who happens to play the guitar, or a guitar-player with the fortune to be able to sing, as well?

AKAYZIA:  I am a writer that is too dyslexic to put pen to paper.  And I am just grateful for the opportunity music gives me.  Without it I’d be locked up in my head.

SHEILA:  Whose music have you been most influenced by, and why?

AKAYZIA:  I’m into Tina turner, I saw her play when I was 4 or 5 it was love at first sight. Tracy chapman her lyrics get me every time.  Sister rosetta tharpe if you ever think life’s ruff nowadays check life for rockin sisters in the 1930’s… There’s so much music that moves me.  But I think what motivates me is a burning in my head or heart craving to be noticed and not ignored.

SHEILA:  Who has encouraged  you most along this path?

AKAYZIA:  My mom encourages me.  She really just wants for  me to be happy and doesn’t mind how I get there.

SHEILA:  Have you ever performed other genres of music?

AKAYZIA:  Some music styles suck and some are awesome! I try to stick to the awesome stuff, and dust the other shit into the closet.

SHEILA:  How do you define your style?

AKAYZIA:  Quirky indie.  But I’m in transition.  I spent years as a caterpillar.  Then I got locked in this chrysalis.  But its cool now cause I’m working my way out soon….I’ll be a moth, you know, flying.

SHEILA:  How many black women in rock do you believe there are?

AKAYZIA:  All black women rock!

SHEILA: Good answer, but I meant…….Ahhhh, forget it!  Check out Akayzia’s video “Tender” Live at O2 Academy Islington:

Sheila Dianne Jackson is an award-winning author, biographer and CEO of Eve’s Lime Productions. She is Director-Producer of  the upcoming documentary, “Nice & Rough: Black Women IN Rock.”

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