5LBS of ROCK !

Official Podcast Launch 4/20

State of SATE

I love to get the inside scoop on new releases by Black Women I n Rock. This week State of SATE hit me up with a sneak peek, or rather listen, of her new single, “Dirty Little Lie.” It’s hard and funky, with a sensuous groove. YASSSS! So of course, I couldn’t let her get…

Guitar Gabby & TxLips

In January 2016, TxLips (Translation: two lips) was born. This band recently came on my radar, as “Black Women IN Rock to watch.” TxLips, founder, and guitarist, Gabriella Logan – a.k.a. “Guitar Gabby” – is on a mission to elevate Black female musicians in the world of rock. We are definitely on the same vibrational…

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